¥152.42 billion (2017)


6,250 (2018)



Arm Holdings (Arm) is a British multinational semiconductor and software design company, owned by SoftBank Group and its Vision Fund. Headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, its primary business is in the design of ARM processors (CPUs), although it also designs software development tools under the DS-5, RealView and Keil brands, as well as systems and platforms, system-on-a-chip (SoC) infrastructure and software. It is considered to be market dominant for processors in mobile phones (smartphones or otherwise) and tablet computers. The company is one of the best-known 'Silicon Fen' companies.

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How they do it: ARM specializes in the area of processors with a characteristically low electric power consumption, ideally suited for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. The products designed and licensed by ARM are part of most modern mobile phones and personal digital assistants incl. those of manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung.

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How they do it: ARM only creates and licences its technology as intellectual property, rather than selling its own physical products. This allows them to focus on specializing on further developing their technology.

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