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The privately held company Ubitricity was founded in 2008 in Berlin, Germany. Since its foundation, the firm has become a leading provider of intelligent solutions for charging and providing financial services for electric vehicles. To reach this, Ubitricity combines technological expertise with the possibilities of the digitalization. The customers can benefit from lean and low-cost charging stations that allow a ubiquitous roll-out of the charging infrastructure. Target customers are municipalities, real estate owners, fleet and fuel card operators as well as end consumers.

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Information Technology
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Business Model Patterns:

Object As Point-of-sale

How they do it: Ubitricity moves the value creation from the charging station to the electric car with its mobile metering technology. The mobile and calibrated electricity meter is available, for example, in the ubitricity SmartCable – and not still stationary in the charging station. This technology opens up new opportunities for EV value creation and even access to the energy market.

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