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Aravind Eye Hospitals is a hospital chain in India. It was founded by Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy (popularly known as Dr.V) at Madurai, Tamil Nadu in 1976. It has grown into a network of eye hospitals and has had a major impact in eradicating cataract related blindness in India. As of 2012, Aravind has treated nearly 32 million patients and performed 4 million surgeries, the majority of them being cheap or free making it the world’s largest and most productive eye-care service group. The model of Aravind Eye Care hospitals has been applauded and has become a subject for numerous case studies across the world.

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How they do it: Aravind pioneered an outreach program wherein a team of professionals reach out to remote villages to conduct eye camps sponsored by community based organizations. Patients requiring further care or surgery are taken back to the hospital and treated for free.

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No Frills

How they do it: Aravind’s self-sufficient model is achieved through strict cost control, appropriate utilization of resources and highly efficient processes.

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Robin Hood

How they do it: Aravind provides most of its care for free or ar steeply subsidized rates. However, the Aravind model is unique in that it allows patients the freedom and dignity of choice - patients at Aravind can choose to access the free services or they can choose to pay for the services that they need.

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