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Fairtrade International (also known as Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International or Max Havelaar) was established in 1997, and is an association of 3 producer networks, 19 national labelling initiatives and 3 marketing organizations that promote and market the Fairtrade Certification Mark in their countries. Fairtrade labelling organizations exist in 18 European countries as well as in Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In 2009, Fair trade certified sales amounted to approximately €3.4 billion (US $4.9 billion) worldwide, a 15% increase from 2008. As of 2011, 827 producer organizations in 58 developing countries were FLOCert Fairtrade certified.

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How they do it: The International FAIRTRADE Certification Mark is an independent certification mark used in over 50 countries. It appears on products as an independent guarantee that a product has been produced according to Fairtrade political standards, and is owned and protected by Fairtrade International (FLO), on behalf of its 25-member and associate member Fairtrade producer networks and labelling initiatives (e.g. Max Havelaar).

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How they do it: Max Havelaar’s fair trade license shows consumers that the products with the Max Havelaar logo have been approved by the foundation and its partner members. Producers can apply with the foundation to become a licensee by filing an application and adhering to standards set forth in a licensing agreement. In addition they pay a license fee to the foundation and admit to regular audit processes.

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