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Tchibo is a German chain of coffee retailers and cafés known for its range of non-coffee products that change weekly. The latter includes: clothing, household items, electronics and electrical appliances. In Germany, Tchibo's slogan is 'Every week a new world' (German: Jede Woche eine neue Welt). Tchibo has further expanded its product range to sell services such as travel, insurance and mobile-phone contracts. With over 1,000 shops, Tchibo is one of Germany's largest retail chains. The company is headquartered in Hamburg. Tchibo's coffee is sold in supermarkets in the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, United Kingdom, and Lebanon.

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Business Model Patterns:

Cross Selling

How they do it: In its stores, Tchibo offers customers not only coffee-related products, but other products and services, ranging from consumer goods to household appliances and travel insurance. Thereby, additional revenues are generated with few changes to the infrastructure.

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How they do it: Many of Tchibo’s stores are in fact smaller stores within other stores, such as supermarkets or retailers. In these Shop-in-Shop relationships, both parties benefit from additional revenue or cost savings potentials.

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