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Fractional Ownership 16#

Fractional ownership describes the sharing of a certain asset class amongst a group of owners. Typically, the asset is capital intensive but only required on an occasional basis. While the customer benefits from the rights as an owner, the entire capital does not have to be provided alone.

Apply this pattern to your own business and create your next innovative business model!

Examples: Iconic Cases

How they do it: Mobility offers the possibility to join a cooperative, making one a co-owner of the company. Subsequently one does not need to purchase any other subscription in order to use the service but just the regular usage per minute/kilometer fees. The investment amount to become a cooperative member is returned upon exit of the cooperative.
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How they do it: Homebuy allows low income households in England to purchase a home. Hereby the government and a housing developer provide part of the capital needed to purchase a house, and the customer only has to pay / get a mortgage for the remaining value of the home. The financier owns part of the home, but the customer has the full right to live in the home.
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